​​Keyboardist, Project Manager, Whisky Connoisseur

John Eadie aka 'Eads' (born 5th March 1973) has been involved with 'The Angels' from the very beginning. Being a newbie to Rush, his first experience was in 2012 when he was asked to join. After hearing a few tracks John was keen to expand his technical musical capabilities which is par for the course with Rush Music.

John has been playing music from an early age; piano from 4, clarinet for a year when he was 9, percussion since 12, and has played in various bands (several with Greig and Steve over the years) before settling on keys as his main instrument.

Jarre and Kraftwerk kicked off his synthesizer interest which began his collection of gear; 1987 - Yamaha PSS 570, 1988 - Yamaha YS200, 1992 - Roland JV80, Yamaha TG100 sound module, Spirit lite mixing desk, 2013 - Roland Fantom G8, Roland V stand, Roland DP2 and DP10 sustain pedals, Roland EV7 Expression pedal and to keep his hand in on drums, Roland TD6 with mesh pads.

When not working out the next latest and greatest Rush track to perform, John can be seen in the up and coming 2017 British horror film Redcon-1 with his daughter Liv. Hot and spicy food is his thing and his claim to fame is having the Guiness book of records hottest curry 'The Widowmaker'....
He also enjoys a good single malt at the end of an evening.

John is currently based in Lenzie, Glasgow with his wife Pamela and daughter Liv.